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Stefan's story

Stefan has lived in the same area for over 60 years after emigrating to the UK from Trinidad in 1959.

How do you use cash in your life?
I live on a tight budget and a lot of the shops where I live can be expensive, so I take cash out and walk down to shop from the green grocers and the farmers market. And there’s a place I like to do my laundry at where the owner insists on cash. I also buy my Sunday paper with cash – I could use my card, but that would be ridiculous. It’s always better for amounts under five pounds to pay in cash.
Would it be a detriment if cash wasn’t easily accessible for you?
Yes, myself and a lot of older people that live in this sheltered accommodation block or the flats nearby rely on cash. I think it would really fluster everyone to not have access to cash, because it’s so essential for us in our lives.
What does having access to cash mean to you?
It gives me security. I suppose I really do depend on it, and to some extent it’s an integral part of my life. It doesn’t make sense for me to not have cash.

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