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Matt's story

Matt is a landscape gardener who grew up in London and now runs his own business in the city.

How does cash play a role in your business?
You always find yourself juggling finances when you own your own business. Whether it’s having to buy materials, or manage things like deliveries, tool hire, or even having a wage for myself – I always need to be really on the ball and organised, or else I can find myself without enough cash to buy materials.
How would it impact the way you work to be without cash?
Most companies in my business want cash on delivery, for tools, machine rental, all that kind of stuff. And unless you’ve got cash in that moment, you’ve got issues. There are also times where if I don’t have cash for a deposit, I need to pay on my card, and that deposit doesn’t get refunded for three to five days. It sounds simple, but when you’re juggling a few of those instances, it really makes a difference.
What do you find is the biggest draw of using cash in your business?
There’s a real sense of honesty when it comes to cash – there’s a trust there. I’m quite a traditional builder, and I really like the aspect of cash. Even when it comes to tipping, it’s so nice to get a tenner in your hand. It’s always appreciated, because when it just goes into your bank you don’t really register it, but when it’s in your hand you really feel the recognition.

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