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Delanie's story

Delanie is a creative professional and single mum who moved from London to Hastings four years ago with her 4-year-old son, Quincy.

How do you rely on cash in your daily life?
Particularly with my son – things like the ice cream van or rides on the pier, they don’t usually take cards. At Quincy’s school, there’s always a charity drive or a uniform-free day that he’ll need some coins for. Then there’s lots of other small things that pop up every day, like parking meters and market stalls, or even getting my nails done. There’s always somewhere I’m going where I’ll need some cash on me.
Where do you normally take your cash out from?
Normally the cash machine, but it’s frustrating when you go to a cash machine and they charge you; that seems to be happening more and more these days. When it costs two quid to take out a tenner, it just doesn’t make sense – you shouldn’t have to pay to access your own money. I like taking cash out at the Post Office because I know I’m not going to get charged, and you know you’ll always be able to get cash – you’re not going to show up and find the machine suddenly isn’t working.
Why is it important to you to always have access to cash?
We’re not a completely card-free country, we need cash! There’s always something in my life that I find I rely on cash for. It’s ridiculous to think of a time where we’d want to do away with important services that provide access to cash. Life is complicated enough without having to worry about where I can get cash out on a day-to-day basis.

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