Up to 8 million
people rely on cash daily, but access to
cash is rapidly declining. Bank branches
and free to use ATMs are fast disappearing
across the UK every day.


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The Problem

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Closures and uncertainty

Cash is disappearing from high streets and communities across the UK. The rise in digital payments means there are more ways to pay than ever before. However, over 8 million people still use cash daily and would struggle to get by without it.

Accessing cash is becoming increasingly hard. Over 4,000 bank branches have closed since the start of 2015 at a rate of 55 per month and ATMs have started to charge customers to withdraw their own money more and more frequently.

Cash services through the local post office is becoming more important. With a network of 11,500 branches nationwide, we are helping communities to continue to withdraw and deposit cash for free.

We all have our part to play in protecting  access to cash services because the future is uncertain – we must all act now to ensure no-one is left behind.

That’s why we are campaigning to ensure there is an obligation on banks to provide access to cash withdrawal and deposit services, free at the point of service, for both consumers and businesses who rely on cash day-to-day, no matter where they live or work in the UK.

The People

For 8 million people, cash is critical.

And for millions more, cash supports those we need and care about.

Individuals and small businesses rely on cash for safety, savings, survival, sustainability, service and their sense of self.

These films introduce you to some of the people affected, each representing a different reason  why cash continues to be so important in our society. 

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The Banking Framework

What is the Banking Framework

The Banking Framework is an agreement with the vast majority of UK banks and building societies to provide free to use access to cash services for those that need it through their local post office, right across the UK. Thanks to this agreement, Postmasters are helping their communities to continue withdrawing and depositing cash in areas where there are no other services. The agreement is 3-years in length, and we are in the process of securing our third Banking Framework Agreement.

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However, because there is no obligation involved and this is simply a commercial agreement, any party can withdraw at any time, which would impact millions of people and countless small businesses that rely on cash. With bank branches and other cash services closing faster than ever before, we need to take action now to save our cash.

We think there should be an obligation on retail banks to provide free access to cash services for both consumers and businesses who rely on cash day-to-day. We want the Government to require our banking partners to make a long-term commitment to guarantee free access to cash services nationwide so we, and other organisations, can provide communities with access to cash services and banking.

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Wanting to protect access to cash services may seem like an issue that will only affect the most vulnerable in our society. But the truth is that the knock-on effect of an uncontrolled move towards a cashless society will affect us all.

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